So It’s Understandable That The Super-rich – Encouraged By The New Zealand Government’s Border Exemptions For Investors – Would Identify The Country As A Prime Destination To Avoid Attention And Accountability.

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View over Bay of Islands, New Zealand. In 2018, the Labour-led government banned ownership of property by non-residents . Anti-money laundering laws have been tightened since 2009. But New Zealand laws still cover the tracks of the wealthy. So it’s understandable that the super-rich – encouraged by the New Zealand government’s border exemptions for investors – would identify the country as a prime destination to avoid attention and accountability. One crypto investor even said last year he chose New Zealand after doing “billionaire hunting” to “figure out where all the other Silicon Valley people would be”. New Zealand isn’t a blank slate, empty land, or “off grid” – and never has been. New Zealand does not sit apart from the ills of the world, as much as people may like to construct an image of the country as a source of hope in bleak times. It’s a country that is, because of colonisation, well-integrated into global circuits of capital, imperialism, and power. Visa exemptions for wealthy investors are designed to draw in capital. New Zealand remains a member of Five Eyes, the security and intelligence network comprising the UK and three other white-majority settler-colonial states: Australia, Canada, and the US.

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