The New Studies Don’t Fundamentally Change That View.

The new findings show that the virus is becoming more formidable and highlight the need for better masks in some situations. The realization that the coronavirus is airborne indoors transformed efforts to contain the pandemic last year, igniting fiery debates about masks, social distancing and ventilation in public spaces. Most researchers now agree that the coronavirus is mostly transmitted through large droplets visit that quickly sink to the floor and through much smaller ones, called aerosols, that can float over longer distances indoors and settle directly into the lungs, where the virus is most harmful. The new studies don’t fundamentally change that view. But the findings signal the need for better masks in some situations, and indicate that the virus is changing in ways that make it more formidable. “This is not an Armageddon scenario,” said Vincent Munster, a virologist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who led one of the new studies. “It is like a modification of the virus to more efficient transmission, which is something I think we all kind of expected, and we now see it happening in real time.” Dr. Munster’s team showed that small aerosols traveled much longer distances than larger droplets and the Alpha variant — or B.1.1.7, first identified in Britain — was much more likely to cause new infections via aerosol transmission .


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Health care workers were among the vaccine protesters gathered outside Staten <a href=more about the author Island University Hospital earlier this summer.' align='left' /> Cuomo . State vaccination figures show that, as of Wednesday, 16 percent of the state’s roughly 450,000 hospital workers, or about 70,000, were not fully vaccinated. The data show that 15 percent of staff at skilled nursing facilities and 14 percent of workers at adult care facilities are also not fully vaccinated, representing another 25,000 or so workers. Eileen Toback, executive director of the New York Professional Nurses Union , which represents 1,500 nurses in Manhattan and supported the vaccine mandate, said she appreciated that Ms. Hochul was trying to address possible staffing shortages. But Ms. Toback criticized the state for issuing the plan only 48 hours before thousands of health care workers could lose their jobs. “That could be devastating, particularly when hospitals staff only the exact numbers they need,” Ms. Toback said.

The Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation cartels have taken advantage of Ecuador’s Pacific ports and relied on local gangs to provide security for smuggling routes in exchange for money, officials said. Ecuador’s highly developed road infrastructure has allowed these cartels to move cocaine from the Colombian border to the country’s main port, in Guayaquil, in a matter of six hours. With the backing of the Sinaloa cartel, the Ecuadoran criminal group Los Choneros gained control of key drug-trafficking routes and at one point grew to claim more than 10,000 members, according to the Ecuadoran government official. But late last year, after a Los Choneros leader was killed, the group splintered into rival organizations — gangs that are vying for control of the country’s prisons. In February, brawls in three prisons on the same day left 79 inmates dead, in what were then the worst prison riots in the country’s history. In July, similar fights led to the deaths of 22 inmates and prompted Ecuador’s president to declare a state of emergency in the prison system. The death toll in the country’s prisons this year — at least 237 — is more than double the total in all of 2020, violence that has been growing steadily since 2018, according to the Ecuadoran Ombudsman’s Office. Notoriously overcrowded prisons and turf wars among drug cartels have led to bloody prison riots over the past few decades in Latin America, which has some of the highest incarceration rates in the world. Hundreds of people have been killed in prison riots in recent years in Brazil, which has the third-largest prison population. Its prison population has nearly doubled in the past decade, from 450,000 to more than 800,000, and its incarcerated gang leaders use prisons as headquarters in their battle for control of lucrative drug routes. Gang members behead rivals while guards look on: Inside Brazil’s deadly prison riots The story in Ecuador is similar: Overcrowded prisons and gang wars have caused an explosion of violence in its penitentiary system, former Ecuadoran officials said. [Water Consumption]
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